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Getting Things Done

We're all about getting projects done. As a board member you're the volunteer, and we're the ones getting paid. You're paying us to get things done and there's no confusion around here about that fact. So get ready for progress.


You Called, We Call Back!

Do you ever call your HOA Management Company? Of course you do. The real question is do they ever call YOU back? We've found that in most cases, they don't. That's just not right. Let us show you how we're going to fix that.


Enjoy Life

Our level of service doesn't end with offering the best management in the industry, we believe in making your life more enjoyable. Your home and your community should be a place to escape from the stress of life and a place to build memories with family and friends. At EPM Services, we handle the details so that you can spend more time enjoying your community and less time worrying about it.

Community Association Management Done Right

Tired of the Status Quo? Of course you are and you should be, in an industry as beset by problems as this one, you are bound to run into a multitude of management companies that claim to be different. Everyone wants to be the savior of HOA management, but how can you tell who is the real deal and who is going to leave you high and dry? In other words, are we really as good as what we say?

We're the best because we have to be! Because as a homeowner and board member, you deserve better within your community.

You see, when we started Home Encounter, we began with a vision to change the status quo and turn the entire industry on its head. We looked at what everyone else was doing, did the exact opposite, and decided to bring some order and quality customer service to a world, which was bereft of both. You deserve a homeowners association management company who cares about the little things, isn't afraid to get involved, and has the time and resources to ensure your community and board run as smoothly as possible. It's simply Community Association Management Done Right!

We can't wait to put a team of specialists to work for your community. You are going to absolutely love the change headed your way! We know you'll be pleased, and - when all is said and done - your community will certainly thank you for it.

Here at Home Encounter we enjoy doing things just a little bit different then the competition. Instead of throwing our community managers into the fire and making them do all the work involved with your community - a tactic used by other HOA management companies that inevitably ends with long wait times, a lack of consistent communication, and more than just a few headaches - we divide and conquer, hiring community managers, site managers, accountants and more to deal with any problem that you may run into. This lessens the load your community manager has to deal with and greatly improves the service that we can provide.

Add in leading customer service, as well as a touch of our "against the grain" nature, and you get an idea of what we mean when we say that we deliver Community Association Management Done Right; no one offers community association services quite like we do, and you are going to love us for it.