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No one can express how well we provide homeowners association management better than our many Orlando property management customers. Read what our customers have to say about our company: 

“The service is exceptional! My phone calls are always answered with a friendly, helpful person to get me where I need to be!” - J. Thomas, homeowner

“Our property manager is responsive and caring. I know she is looking out for the community I live in, and that’s important to me and my family!” - R. Lawrence, Board Member

“I am renting in this neighborhood and can see the difference this association management firm makes for the community. From my first interaction to my everyday drive home through the neighborhood, their presence is seen and makes the difference!” - S. Roberts, Homeowner

“Our manager is dedicated to making sure the needs of the neighborhood are being met. He is knowledgeable and up to date on laws that pertain to HOA neighborhoods.” A. Hamilton, Board Member

"We are pleased with EPM Services. With your leadership, your company approaches all its tasks with attention to detail and concern for the people involved. This is a rare combination in your business. Yours is not the concern of your bottom line when you are working with us. We feel like we are your only client and you are doing your utmost for us. We appreciate your approach to your business. We are glad we are part of it. Obviously this attitude and mindset filters down with everyone at your company. We feel the same about “our manager. We appreciate all the ancillary services you provide as well. Thank you." - L. Smith, Board Member

"Our experience with EPM has been a very positive one. Since EPM has taken over as owner, our townhome association board of directors has seen major improvements in the financial and management reporting for our community. We have an excellent manager who follows up promptly on all board requests as well as monitoring our service vendors. Florida He is very knowledgeable of Florida statutes and our community documents. I highly recommend EPM to other associations and would be happy to respond to any new communities." - P. Timmons, Board Member